Syed Rizwan Zamir (Davidson College) has reviewed In a Pure Muslim Land. Shi’ism between Pakistan and the Middle East for Religious Studies Review:

“This study centers around and weaves together three major themes: religious authority, sectarianism, and transnational ties, all within the context of Shi’i Pakistan. Fuchs delineates a compelling account of how these three themes have intertwined and evolved in Pakistan from the period prior to the Partition of India through the end of the twentieth century. The highlight of the book is the fascinating theological and religious spectrum of Shi’a thought and its diverse responsiveness to the evolving sociopolitical realities.”

“The untapped archival research is, in itself, a remarkable achievement. In sum, this study is a major contribution to our understanding of the complexity of South Asian Shi’a Islam.”

You can read the entire review here (free access):

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