Prof. Ruffle writes: “In a Pure Muslim Land makes a major contribution to the study of Pakistani Shiʿism. Fuchs’ presentation of these difficult-to-access sources mirrors the process by which Pakistani ʿulama have used translation of Persian and Arabic sources to “speak seemingly authoritatively about certain issues while in fact adapting and modifying their sources” (15). This book adds to a growing body of scholarship on different trajectories of Pakistani Shiʿism (Schubel 1993; Pinault 2008; Rieck 2015; Zaidi 2015), contributing a much-needed perspective of post-Partition Shiʿism in which ʿulama are complex individuals whose stances on tradition, authority, and the Subcontinent’s relationship to Iran and Iraq are worthy of our attention and understanding. In a Pure Muslim Land will be of interest to scholars and graduate students in religious studies, South Asian studies, Islamic and Shiʿi studies, political science, history, and sociology.”

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